Udine and Palmanova

Udine and Palmanova (italy)

This school was born out of a passion to help people in the profound self-awareness of their own talents and uniqueness through the truth of the organism and its wonderful intuition.
Each of us is a special being, with our own important and rich genetic background.

The uniqueness of each individual dna shows its own mission, written in our cells, thoughts and emotions.
Reminding ourselves that we are made of electromagnetic energy makes us realise how there is a multiplicity of talents within each of us, which must be expressed in order to be able to achieve and fulfil the reason why we are on this Earth: the mission of life.

Strengthening the organism takes place through exercises that are both simple and profound at the same time, which reconnect us to our true, deep nature; these exercises, which can be used in daily practice, energise our DNA so that it can find the way to strengthen our organism and resolve issues that we never imagined.
Taking care of oneself also means taking care of others and the Planet, everything is interconnected: “nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed”.
Relationships are subtle and invisible but very strong threads, a web of these threads is interconnected and creates the quantum field that connects us to each other.

Paying attention to one’s body (understood as physical emotional mental, auric bodies including chakras and meridians) is the basis of this school’s way of working.
Chinese medicine combined with quantum physics and other holistic disciplines gives an overall view of the human being and makes it possible to see and solve unsolvable issues, which is why this school wants to call itself a school of holistic arts… olos = everything is contained in everything.

In this very intense period of history, empowering oneself is the key to living one’s life with joy passion serenity love peace and balance.

If all this has intrigued you or simply something has resonated within you, you can find us in Udine and Palmanova.