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About Us

We are a team of professionals who want to be healthy with a traditional approach to life care, we are naturopaths first for our own lives, for our family and then to help other people i.e. our clients who seek an all-natural method to be well physically, mentally and emotionally 

For decades we have been helping children, adults and the elderly and feel healthy and express their natural talents

We integrate nutrition concepts with natural techniques to help the body: chakra gym, kinesiological testing, and levors on meridian pathways according to traditional Chinese medicine.


We solve many intolerances, problems you don’t know you have. We work totally differently from other colleagues in the field. We choose with you the best practice for your specific situation. we go to work on the cause that created the problems and not on the symptom that showed up in your life

Online sessions

To follow our mission we work a lot with the web. We do individual sessions, classes, meditations and cooking classes. You can sign up for a course or request a personal session to solve your problems

Course to learn the methods

You can take a professional course to become a naturopath for your clients or family. There are many web courses: weekly and monthly, and there is the option of requesting the web course on demand to study at the best time for you. There is the possibility of meeting new friends or teachers who work with deep love for this way of being a naturopath.

During the course you can learn about massage, kinesiological testing, methods of checking supplements, foods and hygiene products. let us know what your needs are and we will be happy to help you

Cooking Class

Apply to attend these fun sessions where you can improve the way you cook quick and very good meals for you and your family. You can follow us from the web or at our locations in Italy, Austria, England and Mexico.

We apply the traditional Indian approach to help our microbiome and use spices to boost our immunity. We test all foods by our own methods and give you the best quality in the world, as well as supplements and superfoods.

Chakra gym

A relaxing class in which you can reconnect with your human being. Your emotional speech becomes calm and soft, your mind with the practice empties and sweet, and physical pain is lessened. Duration varies from 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on your preference; you can follow this practice from the web or at our locations.  The instructor guides you with mudras and mantras combined with sometimes intense body movements


This practice is unique to the work of the body to calm quantum vibrations. To practice you need a chair to sit in, a quiet room without loud noises. the instructor guides you in simple but breakthrough movements for reconnecting with your body. in this body movement is combined with mindfluness meditation for unique results. Duration varies from 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on your preference

Work with us

Contact us to become a naturopath like us, to spread the word of health and help other people follow their mission.