Our weekly webinars

We understand the time, energy and effort required to attend a webinar or course and we want to make sure we support your attendance in the best possible way


22 mudras

22 minutes of focus and relaxation for yourself and the ones you love.


How to have a healing holiday rather than falling ill on holiday, plus all the tips and trick you won’t find anywhere else!

House bagua

The webinar to bring energy into your home cleaning, to willingly keeping it tidy and to renew it without worries.



Our 20+ years on air webinar with all the fundamental updates to keep track of to live a healthy life.


The 3 treasures chakra gym

Gentle movement to activate your muscles.

Quantum nature of the universe

How are we and stars similar? Discover this and much more in this fascinating webinar about the connection between ourselves and the universe.

Thematic mudras

12 minutes of powerful mudras focusing on a different topic every week.

Our Courses