Wien (Austria)

I am Ilaria Chiappetta, owner of the school in Vienna Partnership.

The COURAGE to choose
TO BE LEADER of one’s life
The VICTORY of having achieved the desired results.

These are the meanings of the names of my 3 children and they also represent the values that led me to found the Vienna School in Partnership.

The tools learned in my course of study have been instrumental in building my well-being and that of my family, and thanks to the school in partnership I can bring well-being and knowledge where no one has gone before.

The strength of the team helps us achieve results easier and faster and this is one of the values that leads to the establishment of the affiliate office in Borso del Grappa (Italy) led by my sister Giuseppina Chiappetta.

With the guidance of our teacher Maria Rosa Fimmanò we help individuals, families and children find their own path, follow it and overcome life’s challenges.